Educational Training

TEMA – uses Virtual Reality (VR) tools in a variety of ways.  Mobile apps provide their international agents, students and friends immediate access to the entire portfolio of New Zealand schools.  Potential customers can tour each school and decide where they want to study and the facilities they available in each school.

Panoramic Tours

Opotiki on the East Cape of New Zealand’s North Island, is a wild rugged and beautiful place. For travelers willing to venture into this area it has a wonderfully developed and accessible infrastructure, thanks to the efforts of the local council and volunteer networks. Family camping facilities are simple but high quality. Cycle and hiking tracks abound with enough variety to suit all ages and abilities.

Work site & Product Tours

Voyage Virtual Tours can provide “just in time” information which can cut mistakes, improve work quality and keep staff safe.

The Virtual Training  Platform can provide quality information via any mobile device. This information can be specific to a piece of equipment, a site, or a process.


Real Estate

This four bedroom show home is located in Cambridge and offers a range of innovative design ideas for dynamic living. Simply “click” on the blue floor plan hotspots or the image to begin your tour. If you want virtual reality tours for your property, so you can increase customer’s interest, then contact us!