Digital Solutions


 The Voyage team is experienced and able to provide high-quality imaging, instructional design and asset management services to improve your business efficiency   and productivity.

 Virtual Reality Imaging Platform

 This platform provides high-quality interactive imaging and virtual tours for improved understanding of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) associated with:

 These tours can  be accessed via any mobile device and provide ” just in time” information to contractors, customers, or sales staff to improve efficiency, safety or     develop better understanding of a process or product.

 Apollo– Learning Management System

 The Apollo Learning Management System (LMS) is a learning platform designed to provide businesses, educators, administrators and learners with a single robust,   secure and integrated system. It is designed  to create  a personalised learning environment for staff, customers, contractors, or visitors.

 When combined with the Voyage Virtual Reality (VR) Platform, Apollo becomes one of the most powerful interactive learning and information tool on the market.

 Bring your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to life using Apollo and Voyage VR platforms.  Ensure staff, customers, visitors and contractors have access to   “just in time” information, making their interaction with your business, safe, enjoyable and memorable.

 Visual Asset Management

 360° VAM

 The 360° VAM (Visual Asset Management) is a visualization and communication tool that allows you to see all critical areas of your installation, on your own PC.

 360° VAM uses high definition 360 spherical photography. The unique 100 Megapixel calibrated camera system enables you to take precise 3D measurements of   any  item via your computer screen.

 Visual Asset Management (VAM) Software

 VAM (Visual Asset Management) is a browser-based database application and makes it easy to update and maintain your projects via drag and drop capability.

 The projects can be edited, viewed and published locally or over the internet/intranet. All digital assets, such as photos, full spherical photos, 3D models, documents,   audio files, videos, laser-scan data, CAD models and many more are supported.

 VAM is a visualization and communication tool for various work processes, such as engineering, operations and project planning.