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Virtual Reality has come of age and is increasingly being used for sales and marketing, insurance, construction, asset management, health, safety and staff induction purposes.

Our team can provide tailored solutions which create substantial savings in time, money and develop real business capability in areas such as sales, marketing and asset management.

Virtual Reality Applications For Your World

The Voyage team has extensive experience in using Virtual Reality across a range of businesses.  Here are some areas we have used Virtual Reality to enhance business capability.

Product Sales and Marketing

Use our mobile apps and 360 panoramic imaging to Show People” your products, services or location no matter where in the world they may be over 70  New Zealand schools and universities now use Virtual Reality (VR) tours to recruit international students from around the world.

Real Estate / Accommodation

Let guests tour through show homes or guest rooms so they can see what facilities are available to them.

Show Homes / Private Sales

Create a library of (past & current) show homes for your clients. Ensure you retain a complete record of your homes and their features even after they have been sold.

Staff Orientation & Training

Our Virtual Training Platform and Learning Management System – Apollo allows staff to receive “just in time” information on a site, technical process or piece of equipment via mobile apps and websites. This reduces maintenance costs, mistakes, ensures a safer working environment.


Using laser imaging technology, dot point cloud images can be created of any site, at any stage of construction to provide accurate, 3D plans of the structure. ‘As is’ modelling and measurements can assist strongly in providing cost savings and reduction of variations during refurbishment and build phases.

Site Safety

Our site safe programs are designed to ensure visiting staff, customers, and contractors know what hazards exist and where they are, before they even set foot on site. Mobile apps keep everyone up to date on hazards as they occur. This ensures staff or contractors don’t stray into hazardous areas or get lost again.

Asset Management

VAM 360 spherical photography with Visual Asset Management  (VAM) software allows remote or onsite assets or projects  to be better managed.

Events Management

Develop a library of events so you can show clients how your venue might best be configured to meet their needs.


Virtual Reality is a proven non pharmaceutical and non invasive method of reliving and reducing pain. Using VR captures so much of the users sensory capability it leaves no room for the transmission of pain signals from the pain site to receptors in your brain.

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